The Product screen is one of the most important in Revo XEF.

Every time you want to create, edit, print or even collect a command, use this screen. Let's review all the available actions:


In the upper part of the screen, we have different available actions:

  • Hold Order: By clicking on this icon, we can save the order and return to the table plan.

  • Browser: Use the magnifying glass to find any product of the letter.

  • Open cash register: Clicking on the icon, we can open the cash register.

    Permission is required.

  • Employee: The active employee is shown in the app. By clicking on it, you can switch to another user (employee).

Order information

From left to right, it shows the following information:

  • Table: Name or number of the table.

  • Order number: Order number.

  • Rate: Current rate. Click on it to change and enter products with different rates.

  • Number of guests: Number of diners in the order. Click on it to modify.

  • Dish orders: Use the dish orders to organize the order. These can be edited in the Dish orders section in the back-office and use the most suitable for your business.

    The image shows ST (Starters), MA (Mains), DE (Desserts), DR (Drinks) and ME (Menu). Click on one of them and then on the products to create a command.

  • Multiple selector: Pressing this button will allow us to select multiple products.

  • Seat Management: If your type of business requires to know exactly what dish or product is ordered for each diner, use Seat Management. This option can be enabled in the back-office Order configuration.

Command screen

This part of the screen shows all the products added in the command. As seen previously, these are shown organized by dish orders.

By clicking on the products added in the command, it shows a screen where you can perform the following actions:

  • Price: The price with the current rate appears, by clicking on it, we can modify the rate if necessary.

  • Employee: Indicates which employee has added the product and the time.

  • Price: The current price is shown, if we have the privilege activated, we can modify it if necessary.

  • Quantity: By tapping – or +, add or deduct a quantity from the selected product.

  • Dish order: Modify the dish order of the selected product.

  • Seat: When using chair management, it can easily be modified.

  • Discount: Apply a discount simply by selecting it from the list.

  • Notes: Add any comments or notes to the product. They will be printed on the printer or KDS assigned to the product.

  • Optional Modifiers: Select one or more optional modifiers for this product.

  • Already printed: Here you will see the number of times the selected product has been sent to the kitchen.

  • Split: By default, the same products are grouped. Sometimes it may be interesting to split them. For example, to add a note or a discount only to one product of several in a group: First split, then add the note or the discount.

Order main actions

In the bottom left corner shows in orange five important buttons related to the command.

From left to right:

  • Order actions: By clicking on this button, we can access the order actions.

    • Delete all contents: Clicking on this button will delete all the contents of the order if the privilege is activated.
    • Rename table: This button can be used to modify the name of the table.
    • Add note: We can add a note to the order.
    • Scan QR code: Pressing this button starts the camera to scan QR codes.
    • Deactivate products: With this option, we can deactivate products temporarily or permanently. For example, if we have run out of stock of a product, to avoid selling it by mistake, we can deactivate it until the day our suppliers resupply us.
    • Apply promotions: If we have active promotions, we can press this button to apply them.
    • Undo changes: If we have made a mistake in any step, we can press this button to undo it.

  • Print: Click this button to print the products in the selected printers (kitchen, counter, KDS, etc.). The black number shown indicates the products to be printed. By default, if there are different dish orders, the system asks if you want to print each of them in turn or all of them at once.

  • Kitchen notes: Select pre-established cooking notes in the back-office or create a note at the moment and select the printer or group of printers where it will be printed.

  • Discounts: Use this option to apply pre-established discounts to the whole command, or create a customized discount on the fly.

    To get these options, your permissions for discounts and customized discounts should be active.

  • Payment: Click on this button to open the payment screen and be able to close a command.

Groups / Categories

The organization of Revo XEF in both back-office and app consists of three levels: groups, categories and products. Click on one of the groups to browse through its categories, and click on one of them to show its products. As in the example of the main image at the top of this page, the selected group is Main, the category is Starters, and it shows all of its products.

  • Top items: The Top Items automatically show the 16 best-selling products of your business. These are updated regularly.

    You can disable the Top Items option in the app preferences.


Once a category is selected, it shows all the products. Those may have various typologies.

  • Normal products: Products of a standard typology.
  • Containers: Folders used to show similar products. This makes it much easier to organize all your products. For example, if you have many juices, you can organize them by creating a container in the group Drinks, category Soft Drinks, called Juices, to show all the varieties (orange, pineapple, peach, strawberry, multifruit, etc.)
  • With sale format: Used to sell a product in different formats. For example, a wine sold by bottle and by glass.
  • Kits: To preselect all the products included in it and add them automatically to the command. That would be similar to a tasting menu.
  • Weight If some products in our business are sold by weight, they can be configured to automatically connect to the scale and give back the exact weight and price.
  • Set Menus: Due to their particularity, and the large amount of products that a menu can contain, Revo XEF has created the ideal way to manage them.
  • Tickets: In the case of a special event, or if your kind of business needs to sell tickets, they can be created easily with Revo XEF.
  • Gift Cards: Another kind of product are gift cards. They can be useful to reward our most important customers or manage quickly and orderly the amounts in advance given by our customers. Also, this great functionality can also be used, for example, if someone wants to offer an experience in our establishment.

Actions on Products

In this part of the screen, you can perform two interesting actions on the products.

  • Add quantity: Instead of clicking on the product, click and hold for a second, and it will show a screen to enter the selected quantity. For example, if we want to add 6 soft drinks, we can click and hold, and select 6 from the list that appears.

  • Product information screen: By clicking with two fingers on the product, it shows the preview screen of the product. Here we can see the information added in the field info of the product (back-office), such as price, rates, allergens, etc...