Revo allows you to sell products with different selling formats, substantially improving the inventory organization and management, thus avoiding having to create different products individually. For each format you can set up the price, the amount to be deducted from the inventory, the unit, the rates and a combination group if required.

In most cases, this type of product is usually used in alcoholic beverages. For example, a whiskey you can sell in your POS as a combination, as long drink with ice or as a shot. Let's see an example.

Create beforehand the selling formats you will use in the products. To do this, go to Selling Formats.

  1. Click on the New button.
  2. Add a name and an image to the selling format.
  3. Save.

Then you have to create a product with a selling format. Once in the category, go to the New button and select Product with selling format.

On the window displayed, add a name, and in the Rates tab enter Selling formats.

Note: Before you can enter selling formats, you must save the product.

Next, add each selling format for this product and fill in the other fields:

  • Selling Formats List: List of added selling formats for this product. In this example, the list shows Long drink with ice, Combination and Shot.
  • Price: Selling price for each format. Taxes are included by default, as for any other product.
  • Quantity: Quantity to be deducted from inventory for each selling format. In this way, you can discount a different amount for each of them.
  • Unit: Select the proper unit for each of the selling formats. In this example, the main unit for whiskey is 75cl. Bottle. Thus, the selling formats can be controlled in cl.
  • Rates: If the account created different rates by amount, here you can add them for each selling format.
  • Combination Group: Select a combination group if the selling format requires it. For example, as assigned in this case, when you choose Combination, the app asks for the soft drinks list. Learn more about [Combination Groups](/articles/ 50)

Note: When a combination group is selected, one unit of the selected combination stock is deducted.

In the app, when you select a product with a selling format, the following screen appears:

Note: Once a product has been created with a selling format, the Duplicate menu can be very useful to create other drinks. In this way ,you only have to modify the price, but the rest of the setup will already be created.

Learn how to duplicate