In the back-office's discount section, you can create pre-established discounts to use in the app.

Creating a discount is very easy. Let's go to the +New button and fill in the following information:

  • Enable: If you check the Enable option, this discount will be available in the app.
  • Name: Add the name to the discount. This name will show up in the app and in the invoice.
  • Apply to: You get 3 options:
    1. Product: The discount will only apply to products.
    2. Order: The discount will only apply to the total of the order.
    3. Both: The discount will be applicable to products and to the order.
  • Discount percentage: Enable this option if you want the discount to be a percentage. With this option disabled, the discount will be an amount.
  • No extras: Activate this option if you do not want the discount to be applied to product extras. This option can only be used for product discounts.
  • Discount: Add the amount.
  • Tax discount: This option can only be used for order and percentage discounts. If you check this option, the discount will become a tax discount. This means that the remaining percentage up to 100% will be added as tax. For example, if we set a discount value of 80%, the remaining 20% will be added as tax.

Note: A discount can be edited, deleted if it is not going to be used anymore, or simply disabled so that it stops showing up in the app temporarily.


To apply the discounts from the app we can do it in three different ways:

1. By clicking on the discounts button.

2. Click on the product and then click on discounts.

3. Slide the product to the right and the actions will appear, click on them and the discounts will appear.

4. If we have several products, we can select them all by clicking on the multiple selection button and then on the and discounts.