In the Revo app Preferences, you can set up some options so that they only apply exclusively to that device.

How to enter the Revo Xef Preferences?

  1. Once inside the Revo Xef App, click on the menu on the top left side.
  2. Click on Preferences

1. Work method

Revo has different work methods, which can be set up depending on the type of business. It is even possible that in the same business, some devices use one type of work system and others use a different one. In this way Revo tries to adapt as much as possible to any business option.

  • Full Service: As the name implies, it is the most complete system. Using this method you can work with the table layout, virtual tables and TPOS. It is usually the most common for restaurants.
  • Virtual Tables: When this method is selected, the table layout disappears and only the virtual tables are visible. What are the virtual tables?
  • **TPOS: ** The TPOS method is for direct sales, not associated with a table. It is the conventional method, where products are listed in an order and collected on the spot.
  • Takeaway/TPOS: This method combines the characteristics of Takeaway and TPOS. Look at the options provided by this work method.
  • ** Takeaway: ** This method combines the characteristics of Takeaway with Full Service. See the options provided by this [work method] (/ articles / 123).
  • ** Night: ** Ideally suited for nightclubs or cocktail bars. See all the features here

2. Cash drawer

Click and select the cash drawer this device will use.

** Note: ** If your Revo Xef account only has one cash drawer, it will be automatically selected on all devices.

3. Pin Background

Select your favorite color for the background of the PIN screen.

4. Hide Top Items

The Top Items are displayed by default when you open or edit an order. This option automatically shows you the 16 best selling products among all your groups. If you do not want to see this option, check Hide Top Items. and it will be disabled.

Note: If in the future you want to see the Top Items again, simply uncheck this option and these will be displayed again.

5. Print to kitchen when closing the order

With this option checked , all products that are pending printing will be printed when closing an order by clicking on cash, card or any other form of payment that you have set up in your account. As a rule, this option is used together with the Takeaway method.

Note: If you check this option on one device, it will only work on that device but not on the others. If you want it to work on all the devices, you must check it in each of them individually.

6. Optional modifiers when clicking tab

By default, when you click (tab) on a product that is already added to an order, it displays the Options screen for that product. However, when you click and hold for 1 second, it displays the Optional Modifiers screen.
Well, by activating this option , the operation is reversed; that is, when you click it shows the Optional Modifiers screen, and when you click and hold for 1 second, it displays the Options screen.

What is the point of changing this action? Some businesses use the Optional Modifiers screen a lot, so simply clicking (tab) on the product streamlines the process using Revo.

7. Show PIN when closing an order

By checking this option , every time you close an order, that is to say when you collect, the pin screen will appear.

Note: It is recommended if several users use the same device, and essential for the Night work method.

8. Hide preview

Preview is one of the most used screens during a service. From this screen, users can track an order, perform different actions such as sending notes to the kitchen, print the ticket and, above all, doing all this with Preview does not block the order.
Anyway, if none of these advantages interest you, by checking this option you will hide the Preview screen.

9. Profile

Profiles are used to print products on different printers, hide groups or even a room on a particular device. Those are special setups by devices.
From preferences, you can simply select a profile for a particular device.

10. Marketing Form

With Revo you can create and customize marketing forms very easily, so that before closing an order you can ask your customers. For example, what do you think about the food in our restaurant? Select from 1 to 10 where 10 is Yummmmmmmmmmy! You can create [forms in the Back Office] ( and select it in Preferences so that they appear at the moment of closing (receiving) an order. Here is a guide to learn how to create these forms Marketing Forms

11. Menus Fast Actions

When you work in Revo with the Menus products, there are two distinctly different ways of creating menus when your customers order the dishes they want to consume.

  1. Fast Input Enabled : When selecting a Menu product, Revo will ask you the number of menus you want to enter. In this way, menu input is much faster since you manage several menus at the same time.

    For example: You have a table with three diners and they all want to order the daily menu. With the Fast Input enabled it would be like this:

    • Select menu of the day.
    • Select 3 on the numeric screen.
    • Order the first course for the three diners at once.
    • Order the second course for the three diners at once.
    • Order the desserts for the three diners at once.
    • Finally, order the drinks for the three diners at once.
    • Then send the order to kitchen and bar.
  2. Fast Input Disabled : In this case, when you select a Menu, Revo treats it individually.

    For example: Following the same previous example of the three diners, with the Fast Input disabled it would be like this:

    • Select menu of the day.
    • Order starters, mains, desserts and drinks for the first diner.
    • Order starters, mains, desserts and drinks for the second diner.
    • Order starters, mains, desserts and drinks for the third diner.
    • Then send the order to the kitchen and bar and it will show individually on the ticket.

12. Menus Simple View

With the Simple View enabled in the Revo Xef App, the dishes that make up the menu will not show. That is, it would only show: 3 Daily Menus € 10 30 €
However, if this option is disabled as it is by default, in addition to the Daily Menu products, it will display underneath all the dishes that make up these menus.

Note: This option only determines how it looks in the Revo Xef App but NOT in the invoice. In the default invoice, the menu dishes are printed only when they have an extra charge.

IMPORTANT: Only if you leave the account in the Revo app (Exit option in the Revo Xef menu ), or if the Revo Xef app is deleted and reinstalled; in both cases, these options must be set up again.