Do you use set menus in your restaurant? Revo Xef has the perfect solution to manage them. The set menus, due to their operation particularity and their composition (starters, mains, etc.) have a typology different from other products.

How to create set menus in the Back Office

  1. Enter the Back Office using your credentials.
  2. Enter the group and category where you want to create the menu.
  3. Click on the button + New.
  4. Select from the list Set Menu.

  1. In the following screen, enter the name, for example Daily Menu, and the final price of the set menu. Finally, click Save.
  2. Now is the time to enter the dish orders and products that make up the menu. To do this, click on the icon.
  3. Create first all the dish orders that make up the Menu. Again, but this time in the set menu, click on + New. In our Daily Menu example, enter starters, mains, desserts and drinks.

  1. Select + New

  2. Enter name for dish order and type selection.

    • Select one: Select one product per diner.
    • Multiple Selection: Select several products per diner.
    • Select one mandatory: It is mandatory to select one product per diner. In this case, the menu will not be added to the order until a product is selected.
    • Select by default: All products of this dish order will be selected automatically. Normally this option is used for tasting menus.

8. Now that the dish orders are created, it is time to introduce the products. Here you can find two situations: The products of the menu may be products already created in our Main Menu, or else they will only be used in the Set Menu.
  • Products previously existing:

    • Enter each of the products (food and drink) to be included in the Set Menu.
    • Click on the Settings tab.
    • Enable the option: Show in the Set Menus list

  • Products that do not exist previously and are only used for menus:

In this case, first of all you must create these products and then, as seen previously, enable the option Show in the Set Menus list.

  • Create a new group that is disabled. For example: Set Menu Products:

Note: You can see that it is disabled (not visible in the App) because of the icon showing up before the name.

  • By clicking on the group, you can create a category where all the products will be added, or you can create categories by families or dish orders and thus better organize the products. In this case, in the following image you see an organization by dish order.

  • Select the printer where these products will be printed. In the image, the kitchen printer is assigned to the group (^Kitchen Printer). Learn more about how to assign printers in this article.

  • Finally, add the products. These must simply have a name, a price and the previous Show in the Set Menu List option enabled.

Note: The price can be € 0 since they are products that will only be sold within the Menu and this already has a total price.

  1. Once you have created all the products or enabled the option Show in Set Menu List in all the products of our set menu, go back to the Daily Menu created at the start and click on the icon to modify it.

  1. From the list, add all the products to each of the dish orders.

In this picture, you can see how to add the 1l water in the Drinks order, and proceed to add the Coca-Cola by selecting it and clicking on the Add button.

Note: Only the products marked Show in the Set Menu List will show up in this list.

  1. By displaying a general image of the menu screen, you can perform the following actions:

  1. Dish Order: Starters Selection Type: Select one; remember that meant you may select one starter per diner.

  2. Get ready to add products to the dish order. In this example, Starters.

  3. Choose the option of adding an extra charge to the total price of the menu. That is, in the Daily Menu, there may be some products that have an extra charge. You should enter in the price option of the product that has an extra charge and click on the Save button in the same line.

  4. With the option checked, if the product has a modifier assigned and it has an extra charge, choose if you want the extra charge for the modifier to be added to the menu or not. Learn more about modifiers.

  5. The order of appearance of the products can be modified within a dish order. Selecting the icon to the left of the product and dragging it up or down changes the order of a product. Next, click on Save Order of the same dish order (Starters) in the image to save the changes.

  6. In this case, if you want to change the order of appearance of a dish order, click on the icon and drag upwards. The Collapse button can help us if a dish order has a lot of products and it is difficult to drag. Let's see the example of putting the Drinks order first.

    • Click the Collapse button.
    • Select the icon on the left side of Drinks.
    • Drag upwards to put it on top of the Starters dish order.
    • Click on the Save Order button, but this time just on the right side of the Collapse button.
    • Click Expand to see the products again.

  1. If you are not going to use a certain product in the menu for a while, there’s no need to delete it. Simply uncheck it by clicking on the icon and a will show up, indicating that the product is disabled. When it is sync in the App, this product will not show up until it is enabled again.

Note: This action is highly recommended if you add all the menu products for the whole week or month. It simply enables and disables the products to be used every day, thus saving a lot of time for adding and deleting products every day.

Considerations to keep in mind when working with menus

There are two interesting options to take into account in the Orders section in the Back Office when working with Set Menus.

Print dish order in kitchen: With this option enabled dish orders (starters, mains, etc.) will be printed on the order ticket.

The ticket would look more or less like this:

                   Order: {Order}
                    Waiter: {Waiter}
                    Table: {Table}
                    Diners: {Diners}
                    SET MENUS
                    2  [M] Daily Menu
                       [Starters]                    --> Starters
                       1  Goat Cheese Salad
                          - W/O Onion
                       1  Beef Carpaccio w/ Truffle
                       [Mains]                       --> Mains
                       1  B. Shark
                          - W/O American Cheese
                       1  Smoked Salmon 
                       [Desserts]                    --> Desserts
                       1  Oreo Cheescake
                       1  Chocolate Cake

Note: With the option disabled, the dish orders (that is, starters, mains, desserts, etc.) would not be printed, and all the dishes would show up followed by: 2 [M] Daily Menu.

Print menu contents: With this option enabled, , the Main Menu and Set Menu products will be printed together and not individually.

  • That’s a Recommended Option If the restaurant can order dishes from the Main Menu and Set Menu at the same time. For example: At a table of 4 people, 2 order a Daily Menu and another 2 order from the Main Menu.
  • To join the Main Menu and Set Menu dishes, it is ESSENTIAL that General Dish Orders and the Set Menu dish orders have exactly the same names.
  • Set Menu dishes will be indicated by an [M] in order to make them easily identified.

The ticket would look more or less like this:

                   Order: {Order}
                    Waiter: {Waiter}
                    Table: {Table}
                    Diners: {Diners}
                    STARTERS                         --> Starters
                    1  Chiptole Lime Bacon Wrapped Shrimp
                    1  Baked Goat Cheese & Roasted Cranberries
                    1  [M] Goat Cheese Salad
                           - W/O Onion
                    1  [M] Beef Carpaccio w/ Truffle
                    MAINS                            --> Mains
                    1  Grilled Halibut
                    1  Grilled Flatiron Steaks
                    1  [M] B. Shark
                           - W/O American Cheese
                    1  [M] Smoked Salmon 
                    DESSERTS                         --> Desserts
                    1  Tiramisu
                    1  Roasted Pears W/ Espresso Mascarpone Cream
                    1  [M] Oreo Cheescake
                    1  [M] Chocolate Cake