Kitchen Notes are used to communicate between room and kitchen. No more walking for miles to march the mains for a table! With REVO you just have to select the table and send the note.

From the back-office, you can create a preset notes and decide which printer or printers’ groups to send.

To create a new note, click on the +New button in the top right corner:

1. Name: Indicate the text of the note in the name field.

2. Colour: Select the colour of the notification for the note.

Note: When the note is sent from any device, the round icon of the guests showing up in each of the tables will turn to the selected color. In this way, you can easily see from the table plane screen when a note has been sent. If you do not select any colour, when a note has been sent, the √ mark will also be indicated in front of each of the notes.

3. Printer: Select a printer by default.

4. Group: Select a printers’ group by default, and the note will be printed on all the printers included in the group.

Note: If you do not select any printer or printers’ group, at the moment of selecting the note, Revo XEF will ask you for the printer or group where you want to print that note.

5. Dish order: Select the dish order.

6. Click on Save to confirm the changes.

The notes can be sent by selecting the icon on the preview screen, the table fast actions or from within an order. Depending on the screen you are on, it can be much faster to do it from one place or another.