Revo DDS is a function that is natively integrated in the XEF App.

It displays, on an informative level, all orders that are being prepared or are already prepared in real time, so that there is full visualisation between the end customer and what is happening with their order.

Among its advantages, it can be used as a take-away ordering system.


With Revo KDS

Note: In order to take full advantage of Revo DDS functionality, it is recommended to have Revo KDS to be able to perform status changes.

Without Revo KDS


  • We initiate the order in Revo XEF, charge the costumer and send it to the kitchen.

  • Revo KDS and Revo DDS receive the order information. In DDS, the order will be displayed as “Preparing”, while in the kitchen, with Revo KDS, the dishes of the orders will be marked as they are completed.

Note: to set up Revo KDS we have the following article --> KDS.

  • When an order is completed, it will automatically change its status in Revo DDS as “Pick up” as shown in the image below.

Two colours are available to differentiate the status of the order:

  • Yellow --> Preparing.
  • Green --> Pick up.

  • To close an order once it has been handed over to the costumer, from Revo XEF we will have to press on the table where we had the order. The preview will open and then press on the “check”.


First, we will download and install the applications from the App Store on their respective devices . Revo XEF/Revo KDS.


For this part of the configuration, we will open in a browser the Back Office, and we will go to:

  • 1. Configuration > KDS.
  • 2. Select KDS to be used and click on the "pencil".

  • Activate the option "Autonotify Revo XEF when order closed".

The next missing configuration is in the ticket design.

  • 1. Access Design.
  • 2. Click on "Invoice".
  • 3. At the top, click on the drop-down called "Add row".
  • 4. Select "Value" from the drop-down menu.

  • A field will be added underneath our receipt, which we will name and assign the Takeaway function.
  • Click on save to confirm the changes to the value field.

  • At the top of the screen, click on Save to confirm the changes made to the ticket.

Note: With this last option, we will add the field on the ticket given to the customer showing their order number.

The numbers shown in Revo DDS will also be available to the customer on his printed ticket.


  • 1. Clicking on the r, will access to the menu.

  • 2. Go to "Settings".

  • 3. Activate the option "Keep orders open".

Note: This option is used so that when we close an order in XEF after payment, the application allows us to keep the operation open until we deliver the order to the customer, closing the table manually afterwards.

  • 4. Will also activate the option “Print to kitchen on close order”. This option is not mandatory, but it is recommended. In this way, it is not necessary to press on send order to the kitchen, thus speeding up the whole process.

  • 5. In the DDS section, there is the possibility to change which orders and the value to display on the screen:

  • DDS Mode:

    • All: All open orders will be displayed.
    • Delivery: Only open delivery orders will be displayed.
    • Table: Only open orders on a table will be displayed.

  • Display value:

    • Last order digits.
    • Order number.
    • Table name.

  • 6. Lastly, on “Working Method” select “DDS”.

With these steps, we will have our DDS device fully configured.

Additionally, to exit DDS mode, simply click on "REVO".