The work system POS is used to make a direct sale without assigning it to a table. It can work in Revo XEF as a complement to Full Service; that is, while working with desk management, sometimes you may make a direct sale in the bar. You can also set it up as a single work method. The main functionality of this system is speed. You open an order (it does not ask for diners), add products and charge at once.

How to create a direct order (POS)?

  1. Once in the table plane, click on the POS button.
  2. Add products.
  3. Cash and close the order.

Considerations to bear in mind when working with POS commands

  1. By default, when a POS command is created, it selects 1 diner, but you can always manually change the number of diners if you are interested in having a more complete statistic. Click on the number that you find to the right of the icon.

  2. In the Main Buttons of the order, you will see the Fast Cash Payment icon. In this way, you do not have to enter the payment module, thus making order management even faster and agile as long as it is collected in cash.

  3. You can select different rates manually.

  4. We have different options to do with our POS command:

    • Delete all contents
    • Fast Add
    • Hold Order
    • Rename table
    • Print last invoice
    • Add note
    • Pickup Later
    • Capture QRCode
    • Desactivate

Note: If instead of charging and closing the order for whatever reason, you exit to the main screen, the order will be saved and must be edited or charged later through the virtual table room. Click on the table map and slide your finger to the right until you reach the room on the far left. The name that will appear will be: POS-User name that created the order.

POS Work Method:

There are some businesses that by their way of working, or at some time of the day, may be interested in working only with POS. For example, a restaurant that serves coffee in the morning. With REVO you can set up your devices with the TPOS system and charge your customers on the fly. You will find it very agile and fast.

  1. Click on the "r" of REVO.
  2. Enter Preferences
  3. Once in Work Method, select POS.
  4. Click on the Done button to confirm the change.

Then a new order will be opened and each time an order is charged, it will reopen a new one. It is probably the most similar way to conventional POS methods.