The Takeaway POS method is designed for a specific type of business. It combines the functions of REVO for takeaway with direct sales not associated with a table.

Specific Takeaway Options

These options only work if you have configured the working method in the app as Takeaway POS or Takeaway.

To configure it, access Order Settings in the back office:

  • Print to kitchen when printing: Activate this option to print products in the kitchen or bar when closing an order (charging).

  • Print wait ticket: Activate this option to print a wait ticket with consecutive numbering for customers. This way, you can call them by their wait number.

    IMPORTANT: If you want to use this option, the printer must have multi-session enabled to print the invoice and the wait ticket together. Without this function, you will not be able to print two consecutive tickets.

  • Check stock: Activate this option to reject online orders that include products without stock.

How to Configure the Working Method: Takeaway POS?

1. Open the REVO menu r.

2. Go to Preferences.

3. Select Takeaway POS in Working Method.

4. Click on Save to confirm the changes.