In this section, you can set up everything related to Orders. Let's see all the options:

  • Dish order: Enable this option to allow selecting the dish order.

  • Assemble similar products: Enable this option to assemble the same products in the same command line.

  • Share orders: Enable this option to allow users to share orders.

  • Ask for number of diners: When this option is enabled, you will see the screen for selecting the number of diners by clicking on an empty table.

  • Show square icon: Select this option to display the icons in the App as a square and not as a circle (default option).

  • Seat Management: You can select different options:

    1. No: Service not active
    2. Seat Management: When you open a new order, the icons of the guests will show up just below the dish order icons. In this way, you can manage the dishes for each diner. Check the article on how to use the Seat Management in the App to get more information about this feature.
    3. Rates: Instead of displaying the Seat Management icons, when you open or edit a new order, the system will display the Rates icons.
  • Round: Enable this option to round prices to .X0 or .X5 in tables with percentages.

  • Negative quantities: With this option activated you can use negative quantities in the products (-1, -2, etc.)

  • Clock-out restrictions: Apply some restrictions to clocking out.

    1. No: There are no restrictions.
    2. Open orders: It is not possible to clock out if there are open orders.
    3. User open orders: It is not possible to clock out if the user has open orders on his/her account.

Note: Option available from version 2.0 onward.

  • Automatic presence: By enabling this option, when the user first uses the code, the system will clock in automatically. Also, if the user had left his presence open on the previous day, the system will clock out.

Note: Option available from version 2.0 onward.

  • Show change message: Select if you want to get back a change message when closing an order in the App. For example, an order of 10.50 and you enter € 15.50.

  • Rest time to show pin: Select the rest time for Revo to request the pin again.

Note: If you select 0, Revo disables this option and will never ask for the pin.

  • Default product: Select the product you want to add automatically when opening a new order. This product is multiplied by the number of selected diners. For example: Covered service.

  • Set Menus – Print Dish Order: Enable this option for the dish order of the set menus to be printed on the command tickets.

  • Set Menus – As Normal Products: When this option is enabled, the Set Menu products will be printed together with the rest of the products. The Set Menu products will be indicated by an (M). Let's see an example of two diners, one with Main Menu products and the other with Set Menu products.

          Order: 1234 
          Waiter: Luke Skywalker 
          Table: 5 
          Diners: 2 
          STARTERS                                --> Dish Order
          1  Goat Cheese Salad                    --> Main Menu Product
          1  [M] Green Salad                      --> Set Menu Product (M)
          1  Sirloin with foie
              - Medium 
          1  [M] Paella  
          1  Trinity cream
          1  [M] Season Fruit

Important: In order for this option to work, it is essential that the names for the Dish Orders in the Set Menu and the Main Menu are exactly the same.

Note: When it is disabled, the Set Menu and Main Menu plates will show up separately, so this option is totally recommended for businesses where you can combine the menus with the rest of products.

Takeaway: These options will only work if the work system in the App is configured as Takeaway/TPOS or Takeaway.

  • Takeaway – Print to kitchen when printing: If you check this option, the products will be printed when closing (collecting) an order at the same time in the kitchen and the bar.

  • Takeaway – Print waiting ticket: If you check this option, the waiting ticket for the customer will be printed with a correlative numbering. This way you can notify customers through their waiting number.

Important: If you want to use this option, it is essential that the printer has multisession enabled, so that it can print the invoice and the waiting ticket together. If the printer does not have this option, it cannot be used, because the printer cannot print two consecutive tickets.