Modifiers are used in Revo to add a modification or variant on a product. They can also be used to give instructions on how to prepare that particular product; i.e., if when adding a steak (product), you want Revo to ask us about the cooking point (modifier). Unlike the optional modifiers, these are displayed every time you click on the product, showing a window with the variants.

First of all, you have to create the modifier. For that, go to the Groups panel and select Modifiers.

As usual, on the top right corner you find the New button.

  • Name: Add a name to the modifier.
  • Several options or select one: Determines multiple options or only one to be selected within the modifier.
  • Optional or essential: That determines if you have to select one or several options, or if you can add the product without selecting any of the modifier options.

Once the modifier is created, you have to create the options:

  • Name: Enter the name
  • Price: Enter the extra charge if required.
  • Preparation time: If you use KDS
  • Negation Type: Adds the option of creating the negation in the same modifier without having to create two modifiers. As negation types you have: None, no, without and simple negation.

Continuing with the example of the steak, the most appropriate modifier would be the following:

Note: In this case, the modifier was created with all the variants (rare, medium, well done, etc.) without an extra charge. In addition, it is limited to only one option, since it would not make sense to have a steak both rare and medium, and it is essential, that is, you will not be able to add the steak to the order without selecting one of the options.

Next, you have to assign the modifier to a category or directly to the product. If it is assigned to the category, all the products of this will have the assigned modifier.

For this, go to Groups, look for Category or Product and assign the modifier in the modifier category. Following the previous example, assign the modifier to the steak.

As you can see, depending on the use given to the modifier, you can select one or another setup type.