Are the menus printed separately in the kitchen?

Surely you have not activated the option of Quick Entry in Preferences.

  • To activate it, go to the menu of Revo in the upper left corner next to the Revo logo.
  • In the appearing screen, look for Preferences. You will find them towards the end of the list.
  • Once inside, make sure you have activated the Quick Entry option. For this it must be green.
  • If it is not activated, do it by swiping your finger over the tab.
  • Finally, confirm the changes by clicking on the Done button on the Preferences screen.
  • From that moment, when you enter a menu, the app will ask you how many menus you want to add. This will confirm that, when the menus are printed in the kitchen, they will be printed together and not separately.

Note: This preference option is only deactivated if the app is deleted or if you leave the account in Revo.