A dish order is the sequence of dishes when an order is placed with Revo XEF.

From the app, firstly a dish order (starters, main courses, etc.) is selected, followed by the products requested by the customers. This way, orders are organized so that when they are sent to the kitchen, they arrive correctly sorted.

1. Access the back-office of XEF.

2. Select Configuration / Dish Order.

3. Click on +New.

4. Fill in the following information:

  • Active:

  • Name: Add an identifying name.

  • Automatic Print Mode:

    It will only work for orders placed at the table from Revo SOLO. Orders coming through the Takeaway module will not consider these configurations.

    • No: They will not be printed automatically.

    • Yes: They will be printed automatically.

    • Print with delay: They will be printed automatically at the indicated time.

    • Notification with delay: A clock will appear in the top left corner of the table at the indicated time.

  • Delay: Indicate the minutes you want to delay printing or notification.

5. Click on Save.

6. Add the dish order to the category or product. Whether by editing an existing one or by creating a new category/product.

IMPORTANT: For automatic printing to work correctly, it is important to have Automatically Print enabled in the preferences of the application on at least one device.

As usual, you can change the order, edit, or delete the already created dish order.

Note that when making a change in the order, you must press Save Order in the top right corner.


We want to automate printing so that the server does not have to manually send printouts of dishes, ensuring that dishes flow smoothly into the kitchen and ensuring that guests do not wait too long between courses.

We want both drinks and starters to be automatically printed upon saving the order, mains to be printed with a 30-minute delay, and finally desserts, 45 minutes later. In the back-office, it would look like this:

Make sure Automatic Printing is enabled in the app:

You now have everything set up!