Rates are used to sell products at different prices. This way, we avoid having to duplicate products.

With REVO, we can create two types of rates: Percentage or Price.


This option is the quickest to set up. It is used to increase or decrease the price of a product by a percentage.

1. Go to Rates.

2. Click on the +New button and create a new rate.

  • Active.

  • Name: Identifying name for the rate.

  • Type: Percentage.

  • Percentage: Percentage value to apply.

    Note: The base amount for the percentage is 100. If we want to apply a 10% increase to the products, we would enter 110%. If, on the other hand, we want a rate that discounts 20%, for example, we would enter 80%.

3. Click Save to confirm the changes.

Let's see an example for clarity:

We want to create a rate with a percentage increase of 20%. It would look like this:


This option is used to add different prices to the same product.

1. Go to Rates.

2. Click on the +New button and create a new rate.

  • Active.
  • Name: Identifying name for the rate.
  • Type: Price.

3. Click Save to confirm the changes.

We have two ways to add rates to products.

Note: If a rate is not applied to a product, the base price will be applied.

1. By clicking on the icon.

  • A window will open where you select the product, add the price, and click Add.

2. From the product itself.

  • Access the product to which you want to add the rate by clicking on the , go to the Price tab, and click on Rates (0).

  • Select the rate from the dropdown, enter the price value, and click Add.

We have a very simple way to check all products that have an associated rate. To do this, go to Rates and click on the button. All products will appear, both those added in this way and those with the rate associated with the product.


In addition to the method described above, rates can also be applied to a table, events, or from the app.

  • Tables: Go to Rooms in the back office. Select the rate for each table to which you want to apply a specific rate. By default, standard is always used, which is the base rate for each product.

  • Events: You can add a specific rate to events, simply choose the rate from the Price dropdown. Click here for more information.

  • App: We have two ways to apply rates from the app:

    • To the order: When we access a table, the Standard rate appears by default. If we click on it, we can select another rate, then add the products, and it will be applied automatically.

    • To the product: If we want a specific product to have a different rate, click on the product and click on price, the dropdown will appear with all rates, select the one you're interested in, and you'll see how the product value is updated.