Set Menus, since they work differently and are composed of various courses (starters, mains, etc.), have a different typology to the rest of products. With Revo Xef, you can configure and create as many menus as your business requires.
the use in the App, a series of previous configurations are needed. Check out this article to learn how to manage menus in the Back Office: Back Office: How to create a set menu.

There are two ways to enter menus in the Revo Xef App:

1. Fast Input DISABLED :

The menus are managed individually. That is, each time you click on a set menu, it will ask you for each one of the dish forming it, until the last one.

Following the example of the image:

  • Select a drink, a starter, a main and a dessert. To move from one to another, simply select the dish order from the top or swipe your finger from left to right to move from one dish order to another.

Note: In the Back Office, you can select whether you can choose only one option from each one of the dish orders, several options from each one, only one option from each one and mandatory or choose all products by default.

  • Click on to add the menu to the order.

Note: This option is recommended when using the Set Menu typology for products such as Burgers, Pizzas, or other products where the customer chooses the ingredients, creating a product to his taste.

1. Fast Input ENABLED :

When this option is enabled, you can manage several menus at the same time, streamlining the process.

When you click on a menu, it shows a screen requesting the number of menus you want to manage at the same time. For example: At table number 1, there are 3 diners who want a menu. Select 3.

Note: If you need to select more than 6, click on Others ... and indicate the desired number on the pin pad shown.

Once you have selected the number of menus, it shows you the product selection screen.

  1. Of the two numbers that appear: 3/3, the one on the right indicates the number of selected menus, that is, the number of people who want the menu, and the one on the left indicates the number of products selected for each dish order. In this case, it shows 3 menus and 3 products selected for Starters.

  2. In some occasions, it may happen that, while we are ordering a Fast Input menu, a new diner comes in or one of the diners has to go. To avoid cancelling and starting over again,

    • With the button, you can add a new diner.
    • With the button, you can delete a diner.
  3. In this case, unlike when Fast Input is disabled, the only way to move from one dish order to another is to select the icons at the top.

  1. Products selected for Starters. Use the to remove a selected product in case of error or change of opinion on the part of the diners.

  2. The points at the bottom tell you the screen you are on.


- How to activate the Fast Input or Simple Wiew in Revo Xef?

These two options can be set up on each of the devices. You can find these options in Revo Xef Preferences:

  • Enter the Revo menu
  • Click on Preferences
  • At the end you will find the two options.

- Which option is the most effective?

It depends a bit on the type of business and the working system. But in general terms, it is advisable to use the Fast Input for conventional menus (with starters, mains, desserts, etc.), since it is faster.
The Fast Input Disabled is much more functional for the kind of product mentioned before, such as burgers, pizzas or other products where the customer selects the ingredients.

- What’s the use of the simple view?

When the Simple View is enabled , as in the image on the left, you cannot see the products making up the menu. However, with this option disabled , they are shown.

Note: The simple view is disabled by default. This function is only available in the App. That is, whether you have the simple view disabled or not, when the command ticket is printed, the products of the menu will always be printed.

- Can a starter be selected as a main or a main as a starter?

The answer is Yes, but only when the Fast Input is enabled. In this way, and following the previous example, if one of the guests wants two starters, instead of a starter and a main, it can be done like this:

  1. Click on the menu.
  2. Select X menus.
  3. Select the 3 drinks, the 3 starters and 2 mains.
  4. While you are at Mains, swipe to the right with your finger and you will see the starter dishes but with the main dish order selected.
  5. Select a starter as main.
  6. Finally select the desserts
  7. Click on to confirm.

- When I want to add a menu, I get the following message: Incomplete Fast Input menu. Do you want to complete it? Continue/Complete

This message appears when you use the Fast Input entry and the products have not been selected in some of the dish orders. The most common case, following the previous example, is selecting the drinks, starters and mains, but leaving the desserts for later. In this case, the Revo Xef App shows this message warning you that the desserts have not been selected:

  • Continue: If you click on Continue, the menu will be added to the order without the desserts.

  • Complete: If you click on Complete, you must select the desserts and then click on the button to confirm and add the menus to order.

- Once the menu is added to the order, can it be modified?

Indeed, you can modify a menu after adding it to the order, or even after being printed. To add, delete or modify products from a menu, click on the icon

Note: If the order has already been printed and the menu is modified, the eliminated products will be sent in negative to the printers or kds where the products are assigned, and the new products will be added.

- Drinks with cost have been included in an order and the customer orders a menu where drinks are included. What can we do?

In some occasions, the diners who sit at a table, order drinks first. In this case, Revo Xef users add drinks with cost to the order. Then, the same diners indicate that they want to order a menu where drinks are included in the price of the menu and have no cost by themselves. Revo Xef has the perfect solution for this problem. Let's see an example.

  1. We click on a table and select 3 diners.
  2. 3 drinks are added and printed.
  3. Next, 3 menus are added. The starters, mains and desserts are added. The dessert can be optional. That is, it can be entered later.

Note: When entering the 3 menus, you should NOT select the drink, because you will move the drinks added previously at a cost to the menu.

  1. Once we have in the order the 3 menus plus the 3 drinks, swipe your finger from left to right on the drinks and you will see the option: Move to menu.


  • The number of drinks moved to the menu must be at most equal than the number of menus. That is, you cannot transfer 4 drinks into 3 menus. In this case, you should first separate the drinks and then you can only move 3. The fourth drink will be charged extra.

  • Only drinks that appear in the drink list of the menu can be moved. That is, you can not transfer drinks with extra cost that are not on the menu list as a rule. For example, a glass of premium wine.

In this image, you can see that both conditions are met, so drinks will be moved to the menu at a cost of € 0.

- While I am adding a menu for several diners, a new diner comes in. Should I cancel the changes and start all over again?

Absolutely NOT! With Revo Xef you can add or delete diners very easily while you are ordering the menu for the other diners.

As seen before, simply enter the menu screen and click on the button to add a new diner or click on to delete one or more diners.

Then you just have to select or delete the products for the diner that has been added or deleted from the menu.