REVO uses a three-level setup and organization system (Groups, Categories and Products). This is how you are going to display your list of products in the back-office and in the app.

 Group 1 --> Category 1  --> Product 1
                          --> Product 2
                          --> Product 3
                          --> Etc.
          --> Category 2  --> Product 1
                          --> Product 2
                          --> ...
                          --> Product 16
          --> Category 3  --> Product 1
                          --> Product 2
                          --> Product 3

REVO allows you to create groups, categories and products in an unlimited way, although the most optimal and recommended setup to streamline the use of the Revo XEF app would be the following:

  • Four or five main Groups.
  • Each of the groups displays up to seven Categories (iPad version) without having to swipe from left to right.
  • Each of the categories displays up to sixteen Products without having to swipe from top to bottom.

To create a new group with REVO is very easy. You must go to the top right corner of the screen, to the New button. There you will see the following screen you must fill in:

  • Enable: If you check this option, this group will be visible in the app. When the box is unchecked, this group or any of the products that make it up will not be visible.

  • Name: Enter the name of the group.

  • General Group: This option is used to break down the total of the invoice into super groups. Example: Food Total and Drink Total. From here you can create the General Groups

  • Printer: Set up here the printer where the command tickets will be printed. Before you must set up the printers in your business. Learn more about Printers

  • Printers’ Group: If you want to print the command tickets on several printers at the same time, you must configure a group of printers. Learn more about Printers’ groups

  • Tax: Set the tax here for this group.

    Note: If all the categories and products that make up this group use the same type of tax, set it up only in the group and it will automatically be applied to each subcategory.

  • Click on Save to confirm changes.