A Modifiers’ group is the union of two or more modifiers. Like the modifiers, the groups can also be assigned to a product or a category, affecting the latter to all the products that make up the category.

For example, in the case of a steak, where we want to first ask for the cooking point and then for the sauce, the best solution would be to create a modifiers’ group.

Keep in mind that you must first create the modifiers individually. Once this is done, go to Settings and Modifiers’ Groups. In the top right corner you will find the New button; add a name and select the modifiers from the list.

Note: This will be the order displayed in the app. It can be modified by dragging the icon ☰ Then don’t forget to Save the order in order to make the changes effective.

Now that the modifiers’ group is created, you just need to assign it to a category or product. For this go to groups, select the category or product and edit it. Go to a Modifiers’ Group and select the group just created.

Save and you will have the Modifiers’ Group assigned.