The optional modifiers are used in REVO to add a change or variant to a product.

Unlike the rest of the modifiers, these are not displayed when clicking on a product. Instead, once the product is added to the order, you can access them by clicking on the product and selecting Optional Modifiers or by pressing and holding the product for several seconds:

We select the modifiers that appear on the right and see how they are added on the left. Once we have selected the ones we need, we need to press to save. If we make a mistake, we can press on the product to delete it, or on the to delete all of them.

We can add a new modifier by clicking on the :

Or if we have used the search, and it does not appear, by clicking on the , the name will be added for us to create it more quickly:

Note: To be able to create new modifiers, it is important to have the permission assigned.

In the back office, you can create optional modifiers very easily by following these steps:

1. Enter a category.

2. In the upper right corner, you will find the option Optional Modifiers.

3. Access Optional Modifiers and click on +New.

  • Name: Add the name of the modifier.
  • Price: Add the price of the modifier.
  • Preparation time: Enter the preparation time. Only if you use KDS.
  • Finally, click on Save to confirm the changes.

On the general screen, you can edit or delete an optional modifier. In addition, in the sum column, you can see the most used modifiers in real-time.

Note: Optional modifiers are ordered in the back office and in the app by usage. The most used ones appear at the top.

4. We access Settings / ORDER CONFIGURATION and activate Enable Optional Modifiers.

IMPORTANT: You cannot control the inventory of optional modifiers. Therefore, they will only be used as variants or if you do not use inventory management for your products.