Optional Modifiers are used in Revo to add a change or variant to a product. Unlike the other modifiers, these do not show up when clicking on a product, you can access them once you have added the product to the order, by clicking on the product and selecting Optional Modifiers, or accessing directly by clicking and holding for a second on the product (see video).

In the Back Office, you can create optional modifiers very easily. To do this, enter a category and at the top you will find Optional Modifiers. Enter by clicking on the button and you will find the New option on the right.

  • Name: Add the name of the modifier.
  • Price: Add an extra charge.
  • Preparation Time: Enter the preparation time only if you use KDS
  • Finally Save.

In the general screen, edit and delete an optional modifier. In addition, in the sum column you can see the most used modifiers in real time.

Note: The optional modifiers are ordered in the Back Office and in the App in order of use. Those most used are displayed at the top.

Important: In the optional modifiers, the inventory cannot be controlled. Therefore, they will only be used as variants, or if you do not use inventory management in your products.