Go to Taxes from the back-office.

This section is set up with taxes created by default. If you use REVO in another country, you can edit and set up the taxes of your country.

To edit taxes, use the icon .

1. Enter a name.
2. Add the percentage.


Important: As a general rule, most products use the same tax, so setting it up is as easy as assigning it directly to the groups. In this way, you avoid having to assign the tax to each of the products, unless they differ from the group.

Let's see an example where you apply the tax directly to the group.

Imagine that, in a group where you have applied a 10% tax, as seen in the example, there is a certain category or product that has another type of applicable tax. In this case, you should go to that category or product in particular and set the tax.

Note: REVO first searches for the tax assigned to the product. If none is set up, it searches for the tax assigned to the category. If still none is set up, it checks the tax assigned to the group and applies it.