A printers’ group lets you print a product on multiple printers at the same time. This feature reduces printing time and gives the system a lot of set up flexibility.

You can also use a printers’ group to print two or more copies of the same command ticket on the same printer or on different printers. For example, print the food both in the kitchen and the bar printers, and the drink only in the latter. In this way, the room workers can keep better control of the service.

First you have to create the printers in the system. Once this is done printer groups and click +New to create the group.

Proceed to name the group and after saving, add the printers by clicking on -- and selecting them from the list.

Once the printers’ group is created, you must set it up in the Groups, Categories and/or Products, depending on your setup.

In this example, the entire Main group will be printed in the printer group, including the kitchen printer and the KDS. That is, in two printers at a time.

Note: The KDS, despite being an iPad, is considered as a printer since the tickets arrive virtually to the iPad.

If you have problems with setting up printers’ groups, check the articles in bug fix.