Combination groups are products used to sell products with selling format together. For example, an alcoholic beverage (Rum) sold together with a soft drink. In order to join these two products, do it with a combination group assigned to a product with selling format.

Note: Soft drinks, juices, energy drinks and tonic are usually used in combinations.

How to create a combination group

Before creating a combination group, you must add all these products in the Combinations section. This previous step is essential so let them show up in the list of combination groups.

  1. Enter the Back Office.

  2. Select Combination groups.

  1. Click on the New button at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Enter a name and click on Save to confirm.
  1. From the list, we add all the products that we want to appear in the combination group.

Note: Only products added in Combinations will show up in this list.

Assign a combination group to products with selling formats.

Once the combined group of products is created and all the products added, assign a combination group to one or several products with selling formats.

  1. Go to a product with selling format.

  2. Click on the price tab.

  3. Enter selling formats.

  4. Assign the combination group to a selling format and then Save.

Display combination groups in the App

In the image below, as you can see, when the Rum product is selected, the system requests the selling format (Long, Combination, Shot). When selecting Combination, the screen of Combination Groups is displayed in order to select a soft drink. For example, select Coca-Cola. In this way, you will add a Rum and Coca-Cola to the command.