Creating a reservation with Revo FLOW is extremely easy and intuitive!

On any screen or view, we can select the button appearing on the upper right side of the app. The app shows the following screen:

1. Select the number of guests:

  • Date: The system shows the current date by default. But you can click on it to select any date.

  • Guests: Number of people for the reservation. If they are more than 6, click on Other party size and enter the desired number.

2. We select the time of the reservation and the room.

  • Room: At the top of the screen you will see the rooms, click on the name, and you will be able to change room.

  • Capacity: Under each available hour, it indicates the occupied capacity of the totality of the room that we can accommodate. In the image we can see that in the Breakfast shift there is no reservation, being the capacity of 44/44.

3. Look for the guest info.

  • Regular customer: Customers who have previously made a reservation are already stored in our database. We use the search engine to locate them. We can do it by name, surnames, phone number or email. When we start writing, Revo FLOW starts to filter through all our customers until we find him or her. The process is agile and very fast. Once located, simply click on the name to select it.

  • New customer: Continuing with the previous example, you enter at the search engine a phone number to check if the customer has it in the database, but the system shows no results. At this moment, you click on the button Add to Guestbook and keep on entering the information about the customer. You will see that the phone entered previously does not have to be written again, it already shows

  • As Walk-In: If the customer is sporadic, and we do not want to add their information to our database, the information we add will not be saved.

4. Confirm the booking.

If all the information added is sufficient, we can click on Finalize, if, on the contrary, we want to cancel the reservation, we simply have to click on the .

If we would like to add more information to the reservation, we click on Save with more options, where the following screen will appear:

  • Status: Select the status of the reservation: Pending or Confirmed.

    Note: When making a reservation, you can set up in the back-office if you want the customer to get all the details by email. If this option is activated, we can also set up whether or not they can confirm the reservation and even if they can cancel it by mail. More information about configuration here.

  • : We can add products to the stock. We can get more information about the products here.

  • : If we want to add a deposit, we can do it from this tab. More information about payments here.

If we click on the in the top right corner, we can add or edit the following information:

  • Date: We can modify the date.

  • Guests: We can modify the number of guests.

  • Time: We can change the time and the room.

  • Customer: We can change the customer.

  • Service: Click on the service where you want to make the reservation.

  • Origin: Select the origin of the reservation from the list. E.g.: Phone, web, widget. A reason may be purely statistical. More information here.

  • Reference: Select a reference from the list. For example, you can use the references to indicate which agency, hotel or people have made the reservation, in case you want to have statistics or if they are getting some kind of fee, etc. More information here.

    Note: References and origin are both non-required fields, so if you are not interested in having these data, simply do not enter them when making a reservation.

  • Notes: Use this field to indicate any request made by the customer makes about the reservation. For example: The customer says that they would like to sit at a table overlooking the sea.

  • Tags: We have tags to add to reservations to provide information in a more visual way. For example: if the client is a VIP or has reduced mobility to take this into account when assigning a table.

Once all the information has been added, simply click on Back and click outside the booking window to exit.

Note: If a customer wants a specific table, we can make the reservation directly from the table by swiping down and clicking on New reservation.