The invoice series will allow us to specify the numbering of the invoices/delivery notes depending on their type, REVO can differentiate between the following:

  • Simplified invoice
  • Delivery notes
  • Returns
  • Offline
  • Grouped invoice
  • Nominal invoice
  • Nominal invoice returns
  • Invoice with tax discount

You also have the option of assigning a customised series to a specific cashier, explained in more detail in Cashiers counter.

We will now explain how to configure the invoice series in the Revo XEF back-office.


In the Counters section is where you can create and edit the invoice series. Each series has a name, counter and format.

Important: It is only possible to modify the counters by accessing the account from an administrator account (e.g. distributor account).

Clicking the edit or the +New button will open the following pop-up:

Here is where we can edit the series, the available fields are as follows:

  • Name: We can assign a name to identify the series.
  • Prefix: Here is where we define the format of the selected invoice series, in the image above we can see its properties. By default, REVO assigns the following formats:
    • Simplified invoice: R%d
    • Delivery notes: NA-%d
    • Returns: RF-%d
    • Offline: OF-%d
    • Grouped invoices: G-%d
    • Nominal invoice: NOM-%d
  • Minimum length: Set your document number length.
  • Counter: Here we can modify the invoice numbering. This numbering is correlative, it is increased for each invoice for this series generated.


In Invoice settings we can assign the counters explained in the previous section to the following invoice types:

  • Simplified invoice: This series shall apply to all the invoices, except those specified below.

  • Returns: This will apply to all returns (amending invoices) except nominal invoices and delivery notes, which will generate a document with its own counter when we make a credit note.

  • Delivery notes: Series to apply to delivery notes without fiscal validity. These will be generated when making a room charges to PMS integrated with REVO or with the payment method “Hotel”.

  • Offline: All invoices generated when Revo XEF is working offline will use this series.

  • Grouped invoice: All grouped invoices generated from the back-office will carry this counter.

  • Nominal invoice: All the invoices with an associated customer will use this series.

  • Nominal invoice returns: All the returns with an associated customer (customer with a set UTR) will use this series.

  • Invoice with tax discount: All invoices to which a tax discount has been applied (more info here).


To assign an invoice series to a specific cashier, you should do so in Cashiers.

If we edit the cashier, we will be able to select the counter we want from the drop-down menu “Simplified invoice” in the “Counters” section. We can also associate a different counter for returns made from this cashier by selecting it in “Returns”.

Once a specific counter has been assigned, all simplified invoices/returns generated from this cashier will use the selected invoice series.

If these fields are left empty, the series assigned in the "Invoice configuration" section will be used.


Version 3.4 required:

In order to be able to work with invoice series, devices must be running Revo XEF version 3.4. If a device with a lower version is detected in the account, it will not be possible to assign series to different types of documents in the "Invoice configuration" section.

Default counters:

In order to not interfere with the operations of REVO customers who have been working prior to the implementation of the counters, all documents except delivery notes and grouped invoices will use the "Invoices" series. It will be as follows:

  • Simplified invoices: Invoices
  • Delivery notes: Delivery notes
  • Returns: Invoices
  • Offline: Invoices
  • Grouped invoices: Grouped invoices
  • Nominal invoice: Invoices

Invoice with an amount greater than € 3000:

When REVO detects that an invoice is greater than € 3000, it will request that a customer be assigned to it, so it will always use the nominal invoice counter.


We have modified the returns' functionality in REVO: the only option available in “historic data” will be to make a full return, when we do it, an amending invoice will be generated referring to the original invoice.

Note: If we do not want to make a full return, we can use the “reopen order” action, make the necessary changes and charge again.

Assign/remove customer from an already issued invoice:

When assigning/removing a customer from an invoice, either from the application (historic data) or from the back-office (invoice report), an amending invoice and a new invoice with the correct series will be automatically generated, whether it is nominative or simplified.