If you have a printers’ group configured in a group, but there are certain categories or products that are not printed or print elsewhere from the printer group, the most likely reason is that that category or products have a configuration different from what has been assigned in your group.

Let’s see an example to make it clearer:

  • You have a group: MAIN MENU, with a printers’ group set up: KITCHEN and KDS. That is, the products in that group will be printed once on the KITCHEN printer and twice on the KDS printer.
  • There are 7 categories inside this group: BREAKFAST, APPETIZERS, SALADS, STARTERS, BURGERS, MAINS AND DESSERTS.
  • All the products inside MAIN MENU are properly printed on both printers (KITCHEN and KDS) except SALADS, that are printed only on the KITCHEN printer, but not on the KDS printer.

The proper setup would be this:

You have the MAIN MENU group (main menu) with a printers’ group assigned, including the KITCHEN printer and the KDS printer.

SALADS are printed only on the KITCHEN printer, but not on the KDS printer.

Click on the group to enter and see their categories. Observe the following:

There is nothing to highlight in this image. All the categories are assigned to the group of printers configured in the main menu group (main menu). Click on the salads to see if there is a problem at the products' level.

A-ha! That’s the problem. Each of the salads has a printer setup different from the MAIN MENU group setup.

To solve this problem, simply enter each of the salads and leave the field printers and printers’ group in the setup tab blank (-) for Revo to assign the setup of your group.

The result would be the following:

Now the salads are taking the configuration of the MAIN MENU group. Then you just need to sync the App and all the salads will be properly printed in KITCHEN and KDS, just as you wanted from the start.

Note: Remember that the priority that Revo uses for printers is products->categories->groups. In the previous example, the salads had a setup different from their group, which had priority. That’s why they were only printed on the KITCHEN, but not on the KDS.