If you have a group of printers configured in a group, but there are certain categories or products that, instead of being printed in the printer group, are not printed at all or are only printed on one printer, the most probable reason is that these categories or products have a different configuration than what has been assigned in their group.

Let's look at an example to make it clearer.

  • We have a group: CARTA, with a configured printer group: KITCHEN AND KDS. In other words, they will be printed on the printer in the KITCHEN and duplicated on the KDS printer.
  • Within the group, there are 4 categories: STARTERS, SUSHI, BENTO, AND DESSERTS.
  • All products in CARTA are printed correctly on both printers (KITCHEN and KDS), except for the SALADS, which are printed on the TERRACE printer.

The correct configuration would be as follows:

We have the CARTA group, which has an assigned printer group consisting of the KITCHEN and KDS printers.

Desserts are printed only on the KITCHEN printer, not on the KDS.

Clicking on the group to enter and see its categories, we observe the following:

In this image, there is also nothing noteworthy; we see that all categories have the printer group configured in the CARTA group, so let's click on desserts to see if there might be a problem with the products.

Ah! Here we see the problem. Each dessert has a different printer configuration than what we have configured in the CARTA group.

To solve this problem, we would simply need to enter each salad, and in the configuration tab, leave the printer and printer group fields as (--) so that REVO assigns the configuration from its group.

The result would be as follows:

Now the desserts are taking the configuration from the CARTA group. It only remains to synchronize the app, and all desserts will be printed correctly on KITCHEN and KDS, which was our initial purpose.

Note: Remember that the priority REVO uses for printers is products > categories > groups. In the previous example, desserts had a different configuration than their group, so it had priority, and that's why they were only printed on the TERRACE.