The Preview screen or Preview is one of the most useful options offered by Revo XEF. From this screen you can track an order, perform many operations and most importantly, all that without blocking an order.

When an order is being edited by a user on a device, it is blocked to prevent two users from making changes at the same time on the same order. This might cause some kind of error. Many times, while one of the users is editing the order, the other one simply needs to review something about the same order or perform a simple action such as sending a note to the kitchen. Well then! Now you can perform these actions simultaneously thanks to the preview, thus gaining time and agility in the use of Revo XEF.

Actions allowed from the preview:

1. Header: This part of the preview tells us all the information about the order:

Icon Info Action
Exit preview.
# Number of the order.
Edit: Enter the order to make a change.
Number of the table.
Number of diners.
User (worker) that has opened this order.
Opening time of the order.
31,90€ Order total.
3,50€ Total of products paid. By clicking on the number, you will see in grey the colors already paid.
-- 1 2 Seats By clicking on each of the seats, it will show the products for each one of the diners.

2. Order: At the bottom of the preview, you will see all the products ordered by dish order (Starters, Mains, Drinks, etc.).

3. Bottom bar: From the bottom bar you can perform several actions without having to enter Edit and, above all, without blocking an order.

Icon Info
Send notes to kitchen. Example: March mains.
Print account.
Enter the payment screen.

**Note: ** During the time of collecting or editing an order, the order is indeed blocked to prevent other changes from occurring at the same time. Once the edit action is finished, it is unlocked so that other users can enter.