The table layout is the tool to create the design of our business tables. From here, you can customize REVO more to your needs.

Create, edit, duplicate, delete and change the order of the rooms very easily.

- Move around the rooms:

Simply by clicking on the name of one of the rooms, you can visualize the tables.

- How to create a new room:

  • Click on the +Room button.

  • Active:

  • Name: We will add a name to the room.

  • Profile: Select a profile or leave it as default.

  • Save.


Once the room is created, add the tables and other elements.

1. Create tables:

  • To add a table, simply select and drag one of the icons to the table layout.

  • Once added to the table layout, select in the bottom right corner (indicated by an orange box in the following image) and drag to change the shape of the table.

  • Finally, save to apply the changes.

Note: If all the tables are the same size, it is a good idea to create only one, and then duplicate. That’s the way to streamline the creation of the table layout.

2. Various elements can be added to the table plan:

  • Square tables: Add square tables. By selecting and dragging when the icon is blue, you can change the shape.

  • Round tables: Add round tables. By selecting and dragging when the icon is blue, you can change the shape.

RATES: You can select a rate for each table. By default, the standard rate is applied, which is the one you enter for each of the products when you create them. Read this article to learn how to create and add a 10% supplement fee for the terrace.

  • Walls: Add this element to create separations between tables or draw any other element of your business: The bar, for example.

    Note: To further differentiate the walls, you can change the color with the wall color button.

  • Text: Add a text to indicate a special area of your business or to identify other elements (the bar, for example).

  • Duplicate: Select a table or object and click Duplicate to create a new element exactly like the first one.

  • Delete: Select an object and click on the icon to remove it.

IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to SAVE in order to apply the changes.

3. How to change the order of the rooms:

You can change the order of appearance of the rooms in the app.

  • Select one of the rooms from the list by clicking on the icon

  • Once the icon is selected, drag it to the desired place.

  • Press the Save Order button.

4. How to duplicate a room:

There may be occasions where the configuration of a room is the same or similar to that of a room already created. For this, we simply have to duplicate.

  • Click on the icon of the room to be duplicated.

  • Select Duplicate.

  • Enter a name.

  • Save.

5. How to edit the name of a room:

  • Click on the icon of the room to edit.

  • Change the name.

  • Save.

6. How to delete a room:

  • Click on the icon of the room to be deleted.

  • In the message showing up, click OK to delete or Cancel to not delete the room.

IMPORTANT: If you delete a room, all the tables will be deleted. This action is irreversible.