Adding an extra charge by percentage to the basic price of the products is really easy with Revo.

  1. Enter Rates

  2. Go to the New button and create a new rate.

  3. Add a name, for example Terrace Rate.

  4. Select percentage.

  5. Add 110%. In this way, it will add 10% extra to the basic price (which would be 100%).

  1. Then, on the terrace tables layout, select the terrace rate for all the tables and Save.

  1. Finally, sync in the Revo Xef app.

Now, at the tables indicated with the terrace rate, an extra 10% will be added to all the products.

Note: Since it is an extra charge by percentage, it is likely that the amounts of the products are not exact. You can enable the option, only in the tables with percentage rate, to have the amounts rounded to .x0 and .x5. You can find this option in the Back Office Orders.