Revo uses a three-level system of configuration and organization (Groups, Categories and Products). This is how you are going to visualize our list of products in the Back Office and in the App.

A product is the item you sell to your customers at the point of sale. The products are organized by groups and categories that are used to get a streamlined structure, both in the Back Office and in the App. Each of them has a wide variety of details and related objects that can be defined to create a customized solution that works better for your business.

Product Groups

The products groups helps you to sort out or classify your product list, in the form of categories, for example, so as to keep order better in your inventory.

To create a new group of products, go to the "New" button at the top right corner.

By default it is enabled (as shown in the app) and without any tax to apply, but this can be modified at the time of creating the group or later on.


Just as product groups, categories let you create an organization of the sub-categories.

To create a new one, the procedure is exactly the same as seen previously for the groups.


You can create products very easily. Once inside the category, find the New button on the top right corner; click on it and you will display a drop-down menu, then choose Product.

On the next window, indicate all the details of the product.


  • 1.1 Name: Name of the product.
  • 1.2 Brand: Brand or manufacturer of the product.
  • 1.3 Season: Specify if it is a seasonal product.
  • 1.4 Reference: Reference code of the product offered by the supplier or another source.
  • 1.5 Barcode: Add a barcode to the product.
  • 1.6 Short information: Field used for a short description of the product.
  • 1.7 Information: This text field can be used for different reasons, from the description to any note you want shown.


  • 2.1 Price: Retail price.
  • 2.2 Open product: When this option is enabled, you can edit the name and price of this product in the app.
  • 2.3 By weight: Check this option if you use a scale and this product is sold by weight.
  • 2.4 Cost price: Price of the product without taxes, so that Revo can calculate the benefits.
  • 2.5 Tax: Tax applied to the price. As a general rule, the one established in Product Groups applies.
  • 2.6 Rate: From here you can add different rates with amount for this product. Previously, you have to create the rates here.


  • 3.1 Stock management: Check this option if you want to manage the stock for this product.

**By activating the stock management option, you will be able to see and modify the following options**

  • 3.2 Unit: Select the management unit for this product.
  • 3.3 Stock: Add the number of available units in the defined warehouse/s. Clicking on this option, you will move on directly to a new screen for stock management by warehouse.
  1. Variants: When creating products, you can assign them sizes and colors (or any variant you wish). To add them, create them at the time of adding the product, or from the variant manager.

5.Pictures: Define a picture according to the product.

6.Suppliers: Product information by supplier, such as name, reference, type of unit, cost price and packaging, if purchased by the box or any other type of multiple unit.

7.Print: Print a label of the product that contains the information for it.