Warehouses are essential for managing the inventory of your products. By default, there is already a warehouse created, but it must be associated with a cashier to deduct stock units from your products.

To do this, go to Cashiers, select the edit button, and associate the warehouse. Then, click on Save to apply the changes. You can find more information here.

In the WAREHOUSES section, you can perform different actions:

1. +New: Create additional warehouses. Depending on the business, it may be useful to work with more than one warehouse for better inventory management.

  • Name: Enter an identifying name.

  • Blind inventory: With this option enabled, when taking inventory, the existing units are not shown at any time. The idea is for the employee to take inventory without having this data.

  • Automatically approve inventory: With this option enabled, the units entered in Revo STOCK will be updated immediately on the products once you click on to confirm the changes.
    With this option disabled, the inventories will remain pending in the Inventories list, and you can manually approve or reject them as needed.

2. Stock Movement: Use this button to add, move, or take inventory of a single product.

3. Replenish: Click on to replenish all products that are below the default alert or are in negative.

This option is only available when there is more than one warehouse.

4. Edit: Click on to edit the warehouse.

5. Delete: Click on to delete a warehouse.

IMPORTANT: Before deleting the warehouse, you must first remove the products inside.