Similar to permissions, back-office permissions allow us to establish specific permissions or access to different actions/functions, but instead of doing it in the app, it is done in the back-office. We can create as many permission groups as needed, although as a general rule, they are usually created and permissions are assigned based on the role.

1. We enter the back-office of Revo RETAIL.

2. We go to Settings / BACK-OFFICE PERMISSIONS.

3. Click on the +New button.

  • Name: Name of the permission group.

  • Edit Catalogue: Permission to edit the product catalogue.

  • View Catalogue: Permission to view the product catalogue.

  • Edit Configuration: Permission to edit the account configuration.

  • Employee Information: Permission to view and edit employee information. Also allows the creation and deletion of employees.

  • Edit Sales: Permission to edit completed sales.

  • Manage Purchase Orders: Permission to manage purchase orders from suppliers.

  • View Purchase Totals: Permission to view purchase totals.

  • Manage Account: Permission to allow managing account data.

  • View reports: Permission to view account reports.

4. Click on the Save button.