The permissions allow us to assign permissions to our workers based on their job position or role. We can create as many privilege groups as needed, although as a general rule, they are usually created and assigned according to the job position.

1. We enter the back-office of Revo RETAIL.

2. We go to Settings / PERMISSIONS.

3. Click on the +New button.

  • Name: Name of the permission group.

  • Cashier: Permission to be able to handle transactions at the cash register.

  • Refund: Allows processing refunds for the employee.

  • Device Configuration: Permission to configure the app's behaviour in its preferences.

  • Exit: Permission to be able to exit the application.

  • Apply Custom Discounts: Permission to apply custom discounts to the order.

  • Apply Discounts: Permission to apply discounts to an order.

  • Apply Multiple Discounts: Allows applying multiple discounts to a single order.

  • Delete Promotions: Allows deleting promotions applied to an order.

  • In/Out: Permission to perform a cash in or out.

  • Inventory: Permission to access inventory.

  • Shifts: Permission to open or close a shift.

  • Empty Cash Machine: Allows emptying the cash machine.

  • Open Cash Drawer: Permission to open the cash drawer.

4. Click on the Save button.