Gift Cards are a kind of Revo product which lets you offer the customer a solution to pay in advance or else to offer a gift to a family member, friend, etc...

Fiscally it will be considered that it is an advance payment, so the corresponding invoice will be issued taking into account the tax rate corresponding to the service to be rendered. Once the service has been performed, a new invoice will be issued again, detailing the service provided and reducing the invoiced amount from the taxable base of the invoice and the first invoice corresponding to the gift card.

Having said that, in order to comply with the current legislation, Revo creates a gift card type product, to be delivered together with the invoice when making the sale. In other words, a gift card will be created with the selected amount charged and, in addition, the corresponding invoice will be printed when the order is received and closed. In the future, when this gift card is used, it will be reflected as a deduction of the amount in the tax base of the invoice.


First of all, you must activate the Gift Cards, and this must be done through the Back Office:

  1. Access the Retail Back Office.
  2. Go to the Promotions / Gift Cards section.
  3. Activate Gift Cards.

Once the Gift Card module is enabled, let’s create a management product associated with the gift cards for later registration in the reports.

  1. Go to Products; create a new product group "Gift Cards", for example, or use an existing one.
  2. Enter the product group where you want to create the management product Gift Card later.
  3. Click on New and choose Management Only.
  1. Give a name to the product, disable it, and click Save.

Once the management-only product has been created, let’s assign it to the gift card module:

  1. Go to the section Promotions/Gift cards.
  2. Select the product created previously and click Save.

Once the management product has been created and assigned, let’s now create a product in a gift card format, in order to sell the Gift Card from the app:

  1. Enter the product group where you want to create the gift card.
  2. Create a new product called Gift Card.
  1. Name the product as Gift Card and click Save.

At this point, you have two options to sell your gift cards: Either leave it as a product with an open price and choose the fund of the gift card in the sale order, or create several products with a gift card format and different prices according to your needs. In both cases, this can be modified by editing the product and accessing the price section.