REVO allows you to enter events that change the price of certain items.

This feature is very useful for Promotions and Happy Hours, or even to have different rates according to the day or time.

They have total flexibility and allow any combination with the parameters Range of dates, Range of hours and Days of the week.

To create an event, go to the Events section of the back-office and click on +New:

  • Active: Whether the event should be applied when it matches or not.
  • Name: The name you want to give to the event.
  • Date: The start date and end date; if left blank, there is no limit.
  • Time: The start time and end time; if left blank; there is no limit
  • Days of the week: The days of the week where it is applied; if no day is added, it will be applied to all of them.
  • Apply to:
    • All: The event applies to all products
    • Only to: The event applies only to linked products
    • All except: The event is applied to all products except those linked
  • Price: The rate applied to the product

Once the event is created from we can add the products.

Note: The event is applied when selecting a product in the app. If there is more than one event that matches, the first one that is found according to the established order will be used.