With Revo FLOW, we can edit the tables very easily. This helps us to configure all our rooms so that reservations can be assigned correctly. Tables can be moved, joined and moved to adapt the table plan to the bookings for that shift.

For example: We have a reservation for 8 guests and only two free tables for 4 guests. In this case, by joining the tables together, the desired capacity can be reached, and the reservation can then be assigned.

To edit the rooms, we simply have to select the room we want to edit and click on the and select Edit Rooms.

You will access the room editor:

  • UNDO: This button undoes the last change made.
  • BACK TO ORIGINAL: This button undoes all the changes made, and the table plan returns to its original drawing.
  • Confirm the changes and return to the main screen.
  • The orange colour of the tables indicates that they already have a reservation assigned to them.
  • The grey colour of the tables indicates that they are free and do not have an assigned reservation.


1. Select one of the tables and move it on top of another table.

2. Select the name for the new table.

3. Select the new capacity after joining the tables together.

4. Click on to confirm the changes.


1. Select a table and move it to the desired space.

2. Choose the name for the new configuration.

3. Choose the new capacity after moving the table.

4. Click on to confirm the changes.