In the invoices screen we see several options to choose from when a sale has already been closed and collected.

Let’s review all the options:

  1. The list on the left shows all the sales in the current date. Select one of them to see more information (products, date and time, form of payment, etc.). You can also click on to look for invoices on other dates.

  2. These options can be used at the time of closing (i.e. collecting) a sale. But if you did not have to do it at the time, or if you simply forgot, you can enter Invoices and use them after the order is closed and collected.

    •   If the invoice is assigned to a customer with a valid email address, you can send the invoice simply by clicking on the button. However, if there is no assigned customer, when you click on the button, the system will ask you to enter an email address to send the invoice to.

    •   If you did not print the invoice at the time of closing (collecting) a sale, you can print the invoice from here. Simply select a sale from the list and click on the button.

    •   If your customer asks you for the gift ticket after the sale is closed (i.e. collected), don’t worry, find it in the Invoice list and click on the button to print the gift ticket.

  3. By selecting one or several products from a sale you can make a refund. More information on how to make refunds here.

  4. Click on New Customer to assign the sale to a customer from our database or enter the data of a new customer.

  5. Did you close an order with the wrong payment method? Calm Down! Don’t worry, select a sale from the list and click on to easily change the payment method. Get more information here.