After creating your Products and Printers, it is essential to assign the printers to the products in order to print the order ticket.

To do this, go to Groups

  1. Select a group and click on the button to edit.

  2. Assign a printer or a printers’ group depending on the required setup in your business.

Note: Remember that, in order to print the same product on two or more printers at the same time, you must create a Printers’ Group.

  • If the setup of your products allows it, it is advisable to set up the printers in the group. That’s the way, if the setup does not change, to avoid having to set up the printers in each category and/or product, since Revo uses the setup from the top group.

Example: You have a group called Main Menu, where there is a category named Salads, including all the salads (products). You want to print all the Main Menu products in the kitchen printer, including Salads and every other category. In this case, and as mentioned previously, you only have to set up the printer in the Main Menu group and all the products will be printed on the kitchen printer.

Explanation: As seen in the image above and following the example, the Salads category, and in this case the rest of the categories, get the kitchen printer setup from their group, in this case, Main Menu.

How do you know? At first glance, you can see in the image that the printer ^kitchen printer appears in gray and with the icon ^ before the name. This means that this setup comes from the group, in this case the Main Menu group. If the printer was setup in the same category, it would appear in bold print.

Explanation: In this image, the Salads category shows all the products that make it up. In this case, four of five salads obtain the printer setup from their group (Main Menu), while the citrus salad has the second kitchen printer setup (kitchen printer 2),so that only this one will be printed differently from the rest.

How do you know? Again, as seen above, the first four salads show ^^kitchen printer in gray, but this time there are two ^^, which means they get their setup from a higher level twice removed, that is, of the Main Menu group (Group - Category - Product). If there was only one ^, it would mean that they get the setup from a higher level once removed, that is, of their category. Also, the citrus salad has the printer setup in bold (kitchen printer 2), so that at first glance you can confirm that the configuration is obtained from itself, from the product.

Note: The priority that Revo uses for printers is pyramidal: that is, products -> categories -> groups. For example, in the previous case, look first at the setup of the Foie Salad (product); if nothing is set up (this symbol is used -), look into Salads (category); if nothing is set up, look into Main Menu (group) and you will find the kitchen printer (^^ kitchen printer). However, the citrus salad will be printed on the kitchen printer 2 as set up on the product (kitchen printer 2).