In the Report Z editor, you can select the fields you want to display when printing at the end of the day. There may be information that you do not need to print or that you do not want to show up when you print the Report Z.

  • Total: Shows total sales.

  • Open Order: Shows the total of orders that have been open at the close of the day.

  • Guest: Shows the total number of diners you have had during the day.

  • Average: Shows the average amount per diner you have had during the day.

  • Payment methods: Sample of the total sales of the day, the total amount for each of the payment methods (Cash, Card, etc.) used.

  • Tip: Shows the total amount of tips for each payment method.

  • In/Out: Shows the total amount of incomes and outcomes during the day.

  • Till: Shows the initial and final cash amount entered during the day.

    Note: Option only visible when the single or full cash control is selected.

  • Cash offset: Shows cash differences, as compared to the incomes/outcomes during the day. The calculation is made: Initial cash amount + cash income + cash sales - cash outcomes - final cash amount. At the end of the day, if everything went well, no difference should show up in the Z Report.

  • Total Recycler: Displays the total of the cash machine's recycler.

  • Total Stacker: Displays the total of the cash machine's stacker.