Shared warehouses are used to carry inventory management from a master account to individual accounts.


  • How to activate the shared warehouses?
  1. Access Revo XEF Back-office of the master:

  2. Click on "Configuration" → "Warehouses":

  3. Activate "Shared warehouses' module"

  1. In the master account, depending on your needs, you can create one or more central warehouses.

  • How to configure the stock of products in the main warehouse?
  1. Click on "Catalog" → "List":

  2. We select the different products that we want to activate the stock. And in actions, select "Activate Stock".

  1. The next step is to update the inventory of the required products. This can be done with the inventory set template at: Required fields:
  • item_id: Product ID
  • quantity: Quantity
  • warehouse_id: Warehouse ID
  • defaultQuantity: Default quantity
  • alert: Inventory alert


  • How to set up the stock in individuals accounts?
  1. Warehouses must be created in the accounts as indicated in the following support article: WAREHOUSES

  2. The stock must be activated for each of the warehouses in the same way as for the main warehouse.

  3. Click on "Catalog" → "Groups":

  4. We access the product we want to configure. Option Inventory, and we indicate the Default value and Inventory alert in the different warehouses.


  • How to refill in the different warehouses?
  1. The stock must be configured in the master account and the individual accounts.

  2. Click on "Configuration" → "Warehouses":

  3. Click on of the warehouse we want to refill.

  4. The system will automatically indicate which quantities of each of the products should be Refilled. And with we can eliminate those products that we do not want to refill at that moment.

  1. If there is not enough stock of the products, the system gives us an error message.

  1. Stock movements (Move, Add or Update Inventory) can also be made from individual account warehouses to the central warehouse and vice versa.

  • How to place purchase orders?

Firstly, we will create vendors as indicated in the following support article: PURCHASES

  • New purchase order
  1. Click on "Purchases" → "New Order":

  2. Select Vendor.

  3. Select warehouses or warehouse.

  4. With the Auto button, we can autocomplete an order quickly and easily, as long as the products have the default field correctly configured.

  5. List of product in the purchase order.

  6. Options:

  • Save draft: The purchase order is saved as a draft for later editing and saving.

  • Save: The purchase order is created.

  • Receive orders

Once we have created vendors, associated products and generated purchase orders, there are several actions that can be performed on these, including receiving a purchase order, once the products are received. In other words, our vendor delivers the requested products to us, and we add them to our stock.

  1. If we click on the Receive button, we will receive the total of the purchase order and all the products will be added to its inventory. Before, we should select in which warehouse the stock will be added.

  2. Occasionally, for several reasons, it may happen that the vendor does not deliver all the products ordered. In this case, instead of using the button above to receive the entire order, we will go line by line and receive the correct units.