At Revo FLOW, you will find cancellation policies or advance payments. This section will be very useful to set up your policy and adapt it to your needs.

For example, if you want the customer to have to make an advance payment when making a reservation, a down payment, define a cancellation policy to state what happens if the customer cancels the reservation.


To create a cancellation policy, access Revo XEF's back-office and go to Cancel policies.

Once inside the section, click on +New:

Now you must define how you are going to return the money to the customer in case they cancel a reservation. Additionally, you can create more than one cancellation policy. This will help you decide what to do in each case.

  • Name: Identifying name.

  • Policy Type:

    • No Refund: If we do not want to refund the money.
    • No Show: Not refunding the money in case the customer does not show up.
    • Reservation Cancellation: In case the customer cancels the reservation, what value do we want to refund.

  • Total Reservation Amount: Advance amount that the customer must make.

  • Type: We will choose whether the refund amount will be made per reservation or per person.

  • Payment Type: Select whether you prefer that, when making a reservation, the customer's credit card details are requested to make an advance charge, or to save the card (tokenize) and proceed with the charge in case the customer does not show up or cancels the reservation according to the detailed conditions in the cancellation policy.

    Important: If we want to tokenize the card, it is mandatory to contact our bank and activate MIT (Merchant Initiated Transaction) or Payment by Reference, known in both ways.

  • Payment Methods: Here we can select a payment method generated especially for this purpose. This way, we will facilitate tracking payments in reservations.

  • Charge Conditions: Indicate how we will process the refund. We can add and configure this action as many times as we want.

    • Time (Time before the reserved time) // Percentage (Percentage we refund/charge).

      Guarantee with Advance Payment:

      24 Hours // 100% = 24 hours before, we refund 100% of the reservation.
      6 Hours // 50% = 6 hours before, we only refund 50% of the reservation.
      After 6 hours, we will not refund anything.

      Guarantee with Saving Credit/Debit Card:

      24 Hours // 0% = 24 hours before, we will not charge anything.
      6 Hours // 50% = Between 24 hours and 6 hours before, we will charge 50% of the reservation.
      When less than 6 hours remain until the reservation, we will charge 100% of the reservation.

  • Information: We can add the link to our cancellation policy or write a text for the customer to view in the email they will receive when making the reservation from the app or if we make the reservation from the widget.

Finally, click on Save to confirm the changes.

Note: Cancellation policies work with the Redsys integration. For them, you must contract a Virtual POS at your trusted bank.


Once the cancellation policy is generated, you can decide where to use it, whether in the app, in the widget or in both places.


We will go to the section Widget and in cancellation policies we will select the one we have created:


If a cancellation policy has been assigned to the widget, the operation would be as follows:

As you already know, there are different steps in the reservation creation process. Now you have a new last step, where you will see a reservation summary, accept the privacy policy and the cancellation policy, which can be uploaded previously from the back-office if you wish. You can also display the text that you have defined in your policies.

Note: The amount to be paid will be the one configured in your cancellation policy.

1. Click on "I want to book now" to make the payment.

2. Next, a new page will open with the Redsys payment gateway. Then you make the payment.

3. You will be redirected to the widget page, where it will indicate that the reservation has been confirmed.

From this moment, if the payment has been made correctly, the customer will receive an email where they will be notified that they have a confirmed reservation.

If you do not have a cancellation policy configured in the widget, when making a reservation, they will automatically receive an email confirming our reservation without having to make payment first.


Go to the Settings section and under cancellation policies select the one you have created:


If the cancellation policy has been assigned in the app configuration, when making a reservation from Revo FLOW, the customer will automatically receive an email with a link where they must make the payment:

By default, in the app, the reservation will remain in pending status and when the customer makes the payment, it will automatically change to the confirmed status.

Note: The amount to be paid will be the one configured in your cancellation policy.