Payment Methods are the methods we use in Revo RETAIL to close (collect payment for) a ticket.

Note: Cash, card, and credit are default and cannot be deleted. The "credit" method is used to close a ticket without the customer paying immediately. This way, the amount accumulates in the allowed credit balance and can be tracked. More information about credit payment here.

To add our own payment methods, we go to the +New button:

  • Name: Enter an identifying name.

  • Requires final cash register fund: Select this option to require a final cash register fund when closing the shift.

  • Open cash drawer: Select this option to open the cash drawer when closing an order.

Click on Save to confirm the changes.


1. Go to Lists / PAYMENTS.

2. Here's the information we can see:

  • Calendar: Select the desired dates to perform the search.

  • Filters: We have the following filters:

    • Click on to select a cash register and search for payments on the selected dates and for the selected cash register.
    • In we can select different criteria to totalize:
      • Payment: By default, this filter is active.
      • Day: Totals on the selected dates per day.
      • Month: Totals on the selected dates per month.

  • Export: This option allows us to save the displayed report into a document.

  • Payment Method: Displays the different payment methods.

  • Quantity: Indicates the quantity of invoices with that payment method.

  • Total: Total value of the revenue with the indicated payment method.