Revo Retail offers you the purchase management to organize and manage any business. This tool lets you organize and manage all your purchases from suppliers.



In order to keep the business stock supplied, Revo creates the Suppliers section with the purpose of organizing all the people or businesses by the products to be provided and sold by you later on.

  1. Access the Back Office. from your browser.

  2. Select the Purchases icon.

  3. Find the New option at the top right corner of your account.

You will find a series of sections and basic information needed to create your supplier.

Notes: Only the fields Name, CIF and Address are mandatory.


There are two different ways to associate the products with the supplier:

FIRST OPTION: Through the product file.


Once the supplier is created, click on the product to associate it with the related distributor.

  1. Access the PRODUCTS icon: Groups-Category-Desired product.

  2. Scroll to the "Suppliers" section and fill in the requested information.

  • Supplier: Select the supplier that provides this item. Remember that it must be created first following the steps discussed above.

  • Reference: Product reference. It is usually the same reference given by the supplier. If not available, it is not mandatory to fill in this field.

  • Unit: Unit used to control the inventory.

Notes: You can create a new unit in the option: Purchases-Units.

  • Cost Price: Cost demanded by the supplier for this product.

  • Packaging: In case of purchasing a pack-related product, enter the quantity.

  1. Finally, to confirm, click on the Add button.


SECOND OPTION: Through the supplier

  1. Access the icon of PURCHASES - Suppliers.

  2. Click on the label icon of the desired distributor.

  1. Add the desired products in the drop-down menu.

  2. Save the data with the Add button.



Once the suppliers and all the associated products are created, let’s proceed to generate a new purchase order.

  1. Select the PURCHASES icon.

  2. Scroll to the "New Order" section.

  3. Select a new supplier with the selector.

Note: If you have many suppliers, use the search engine to find it faster.

  • Auto: Add to the purchase order the quantity of any product that is below its default quantity.

  • Auto by dates: By using the dates, you can replace automatically the sold material up to the default amount.

  1. Add the product using the selector. If you have several items from the same supplier, move up and down with the scroll to find it. You can also find it by typing its name, with the character search available by the selector.

  2. Save the request by clicking the "Add" option.

  • Save Draft: Save the order in the section of (Purchases - Purchase Orders) as a "Draft", with the possibility to modify it and edit it from that same screen.

  • Save: Use this option to confirm the purchase order.


Once you receive the material physically, you can acknowledge the reception partially or fully. In case of receiving the whole order, follow the next steps:

  1. Select the PURCHASES icon.  

  2. Move on to the Purchase orders section.

  3. Click on the identifier (ID) of the order.

  4. Select the "Receive" option.

To receive the material partially, follow the steps above except the fourth point:

  1. Indicate the amount received.

  2. Select the desired warehouse.

  3. Mark the option "Receive"

Notes: From the Back Office., besides being able to view the reports of the purchase orders made, you also have the option of downloading all the orders in PDF format, according to the state they're in.