If you use Revo KDS in your business, there is a way to give priority to urgent orders.

By default, Revo KDS sorts the received orders by shipping hour, and there is a second option to sort them by alphabetical order. That would be the standard operation. But, there may be times when you have to prioritize orders for various reasons, either because customers have been waiting for a while, have a special need, etc.

For these occasions you can use the following function that allows you to send an order of an urgent nature, in order to have the KDS receive it and sort it first on the left, thus being the order with the most visibility in the KDS.

1. In Revo XEF, create a Virtual Order.

2. The name of the virtual table must contain at the beginning the symbol followed by the text you want to enter. For example: URGENT ORDER.

Note: The reason for the KDS to sort the order as first one on the left and give it priority is the symbol before any text.

3. To finish, send the order to the KDS.

4. Then, once the order has been placed, it can be managed normally as a virtual table and closed or, if required, it can be moved to any table in the table plan to continue with the process.

Note: If the virtual table is moved to any other table while it is open in KDS, the name will be modified but the order will not be changed, unless you click the alphabetical order icon in the KDS manually.