The virtual tables are created with a temporary purpose to manage an order. Unlike the rest of the tables that appear in the table layout, these disappear as soon as they are closed (collected).

How to create a virtual order?

  1. Once in the table plane, click on the VIRTUAL button.
  2. Enter a name.
  3. Click OK.

  1. Select the number of diners.
  2. Edit the order by adding products.
  3. Print by clicking on the Xef’s Toque icon , cash in, or save the order and exit it to cash in later with .

Where can I find the virtual tables?

As long as the virtual tables remain open, they can be found in the room on the far left. You can easily find them with the following gesture: Swipe to the right on the table layout

Virtual Tables Work Method:

There are some businesses that, because of their way of working, or because they do not have a fixed tables system, may be interested in working only with virtual tables. With Revo you can set up your devices with the Virtual Tables work method.

  1. Click on the "r" of REVO.
  2. Enter Preferences
  3. Once in Work Method, select Virtual Tables.
  4. Click on the Done button to confirm the change.

Then the system will display only the Virtual Tables room and not the rest of the rooms created in the Back Office.