Entries/Exits are used to record your cash transactions that are not related to sales invoices, such as paying a supplier or putting money into the cash register.

Entries/exits affect your daily cash control and you must consider them when closing a shift (Report X).

How do you make an entry or exit?

1. Go to the REVO menu by pressing r.

2. Select Entries/Exits.

3. Choose whether you want to make an entry or exit.

4. Add a reason and the amount.

5. Save with the .

A receipt will be printed on the cash register printer. Make sure you have associated a printer with the cashier from the back-office.

You can customize the receipt design from the back-office, more information here.


From the back-office, review the Entries/Exits report, to see your actions.

1. Access the back-office of XEF.

2. Go to Lists / ENTRIES/EXITS.

3. You will see:

  • Quantity: Number of transactions.

  • Total: Total value.

  • Date: Date and time.

  • Shift: Shift of the action.

  • Employee: Person who performed the action.

  • Cashier: Cashier who recorded the action.

  • Payment method: Payment method.

  • Reason: Reason for the action.

  • Amount: Amount of the action.