Today’s Orders is a screen where you can see open and closed orders in the current date. It also offers a series of actions to perform, that will be analyzed hereafter.

To access today's orders, go to the Revo menu


In this tab you can see the orders opened and closed (collected) in the current date.


After selecting one of the tabs, the orders are shown. When you select a listing order, it is displayed on the right side of the screen. You can see the following information:

  • Order number.
  • Name of the table.
  • Number of guests.
  • User (employee) who opened this command.
  • Opening time and closing time of this order.
  • Finally, the next number (Example 131.00) tells us the total amount of this order.


Click on to search directly for a specific order. Use the order number to search and the order will automatically appear.

Select date:

Clicking on this button will open a calendar. Select any date. Once the date has been selected, all the closed orders of the selected day will be displayed.

Note: If no order appears, it means that Revo was not used that day.


Clicking on the icon with a circle and an orange number (in the previous image a 5) we enter the invoices of this order. Here you can perform different actions:

Fast actions:

  1. ** Payment Method: ** Easily change a payment method:     * Select a payment.     * Then click on the payment form button.     * Choose the correct form of payment from the list.

  1. Cancel Payment: Select a payment from the list and cancel it by clicking on the Cancel Payment button.

Note: To cancel a payment you need to have permissions and in addition, Revo will require a reason for the payment cancellation. You can see all [canceled payments] ( in the Back Office.

  1. Cancel Invoice: Select an invoice from the list and cancel it by clicking on the Cancel Invoice button.

Note: To cancel an invoice you need to have permissions and in addition, Revo will require a reason for the invoice cancellation. You can see all [canceled invoices] ( in the Back Office.

Important: Please note that according to current legislation, an invoice issued must not be deleted or modified.

  1. ** Send invoice by E-mail: ** If the invoice is assigned to a customer with a valid email address, the invoice can be sent by e-mail simply by clicking on the button.

Note: If an error message appears after clicking the button, review the customer's data to see if the email address is right.

  1. Reprint invoice: You can reprint an invoice for a closed order.

Cancel Order:

Orders can be canceled from ** Orders of today **. To do this, select an order from the list and click the Cancel Order button.

Note: If this button does not appear, it means that your user does not have permission to perform this action.

Important: If an order has assigned invoices, it cannot be canceled. First you must cancel the invoices and payments and then the order. You will need to enter a reason to keep a record of this action.

Reopen Order:

This action is used when you have mistakenly closed an order that you shouldn’t close.

  • Select the order from the list of Today’s Orders
  • Click on the Reopen Order button.
  • The system shows the following message to confirm the action: The order will be reopened and the invoices and payments will be eliminated. Enter a reason.
  • Enter the reason and the order will be reopened.

Note: If by chance there is a new order opened in the same table of the order you want to reopen, you will get a message indicating that you can not reopen an order because there is a new order in the same table. To solve this action move, the existing order to another table and try again.


To exit Today's Orders, click on the that you will find in the top/right side of the screen, right next to the button Select Date.