What's new

  • Sales : A new powerful tool for managing sales prices has been added. Learn more about sales at the docs.
  • Orders on hold are saved in the device in case something bad happens, they will still be safe.
  • When paying with a Gift card the barcode scanner is shown.
  • When paying with a Gift card without enough amount, it allows you to use the left amount directly.
  • Product lines ending with ** won't be printed in the ticket.
  • From customer's sales view, you can go to the invoice by tapping it.
  • Gift card can be reprinted from the balance screen.
  • A new option has been added to set the card amount when closing turn.
  • Gift Cards can have a customer attached.
  • Presence managment added.
  • Target management added.
  • Secondary curreny management added.
  • Marketing questions management added.
  • Added permission for custom discounts.
  • Partial refunds can be done now.
  • Label printing for multiple products from the app. Just create a temp ticket and print it!


  • Added cashier at sales report.
  • Added targets per employee / month.
  • Discount reports improved.
  • [Master] Price rates can be created to be replicated to each shop.
  • CSV and XLSX reports export.

Bug fixes

  • Fixes a random crash when deleting a content from the list.
  • Fixes a crash when trying to create a cash in/cash out while no shift is open.
  • Close shift option disabled when in auto shift mode.