The following options have been added:

  • Alert of closing shift

    Now, if the shift must be closed because the day has changed, a notification is displayed in the Revo XEF header, as well as in the Menu option - Cashier control.

  • X/Z Report

    The print design of the X/Z report has been improved to make it easier to understand.

  • Print check

    A new privilege has been added to allow deactivating the printing of the check.

    From version 4.9.2 of the Revo XEF Back-office

  • Message when paying with a terminal

    Now, when a card payment has been accepted or an error occurs, it is visually displayed more clearly, before the screen closes.

  • Revo DDS

    Now, when the name of the table is very long, it scales by modifying the font size, prioritizing the entire display of the name.

  • Tax certification of standard N525

    Improvements have been made to the "Proof of Payment" functionality for French tax compliance.

  • Portuguese Tax Certification

    Improvements have been applied for tax compliance in Portugal.

  • TicketBAI tax certification

    Improvements have been applied to comply with taxation in the Basque Country.

  • Cloudbeds

    A new integration with the PMS Cloudbeds has been added.

    From version 4.9.2 of the Revo XEF Back-office


Resolution of the following incidents:

  • The one that did not correctly apply the personalized discount by amount in the returns.
  • The one that did not correctly apply the profile, in orders coming from Revo ONLY in a table.
  • the one that did not add the discounts applied in a reopened order.
  • The one that prevented reading TicketBai QR codes correctly, when the counter prefix contained spaces.
  • the one that showed a random name in open presences, when an employee was deleted.
  • The one that did not allow deleting a content in POS mode.
  • the one that did not allow validating a NIF with an unusual control digit.
  • The one that did not apply the correct amount to be deducted from the gift cards, when the configuration option "Taxes included in the price" was disabled.
  • The one that prevented the identification of the employee through RFID in the POS mode.
  • The one that did not correctly randomly send the invoices in the integration with GuestPro.
  • The one that allowed performing some actions on already paid content through the multi-selection option.
  • The one that did not generate the document correctly when making a return of an order collected with a cash machine.
  • The one that,using an unusual operation, modified the price of the sales formats at the time of charging for items.
  • The one that did not correctly save a change of payment method in history and with cash machines.
  • The one that generated an unexpected closure of the app, when making a cash input/output, with a cash machine. It only happened, when printing failed and the alternative printer selection screen was displayed.
  • the one that occasionally generated an unexpected closing of the app, on devices with iOS 16, printing with an ESC/POS or Revo KDS printer.
  • The one that did not correctly return several invoices closed with the "divide by items" method, in a cash machine.
  • the one that erroneously displayed a notice indicating that the device had been in offline mode for 31 days, only with the fiscal integration of France.
  • The one that randomly did not save the correct amount in charges with Glory.