In version 4.1 of Revo XEF, the minimum iOS/iPadOS operating system version has been changed to 13.0 or higher. This change is due to the implementation of performance improvements and optimization of our solution, taking full advantage of the new features of the Apple operating system.


The following options have been added or improved:

  • Undo changes

Now, from the order actions, you can undo the last unsaved changes.

  • Alerts on incomplete menus

Now, the alerts that are displayed in the incomplete menus have been improved to give them more visualization and integrate them with the context of the application.

  • Icons on the "Delivery" screen

The range of colors has been modified, and new icons have been added to improve the identification of the status of the orders in the "Delivery" module.

  • Multiple actions on the "Delivery" screen

Now, the multiple actions to change the state of several orders at the same time, the top view is maintained with the actions of the order, to give the module more coherence and functionality.

  • New privilege: Modify Printed Order Products

With this privilege activated, you can modify products that have been printed. Some allowed actions are: add a note, a modifier or change the dish order.

  • New change strategy

Now, you can choose a new option "As a cash inflow in the chosen payment method" that allows you to add the remaining amount during a payment, as a cash inflow.

  • Revo DISPLAY in system status

Now, Revo DISPLAY, when the module is activated, also appears in the Revo > System Status menu, to check its connectivity with Revo XEF.

  • Tax integration with Portugal

In this version, we have added the fiscal integration with Portugal.

  • Tax integration with France's NF525

In this version, we have added improvements to the NF525 tax integration with France.

  • Sales in the integration with Ulyses

Now, the sales are sent to the Ulysses folio configured in the back-office. If you don't want to send the sales, just leave the configuration empty.


Resolution of the following incidents:

  • the one that when changing between employees with and without an assigned profile, the previous user's profile was maintained.
  • The one that allowed customers to be created on the "Delivery" or payment screen, without having the privilege activated.
  • the one that allowed to print the delivery report, without having the listing privilege activated.
  • the one that did not add the product by default, when an order was started with the "occupy table" action.
  • the one that caused an unexpected closing of the app, when reopening an order generated by the integration with CoverManager.
  • the one that did not allow refunds of orders paid with Revo SOLO XPress.
  • the one that did not correctly calculate the invoice data when receiving an order with discounts from an online order integrator.
  • the one that did not display the edit button correctly on the preview screen with iOS / iPadOS 16.
  • the one that did not correctly display some quick actions of the order with iOS / iPadOS 16.
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements.