Move to another table from multiple selection

Now, more than one product can now be changed to another table via multiple selection. Previously, the order must be saved.

Send payment link by SMS

With the integration of Revo SOLO XPress, the sending of the link by SMS has been enabled.

Send tips and payment methods in the integration with Ulyses Cloud

Now, in the integration configuration, it is possible to send tips and associate Revo XEF payment methods with Ulyses Cloud folios.

Modifiers and discounts in the integration with Hotelgest

Discounts and modifiers have been added to the charge amount with the Hotelgest integration.

Face-to-face payments in the integration with Nepting

Integration with Nepting has been added for face-to-face payments. Exclusive for customers in France.


Resolution of the following incidents:

  • The one that made the employee accessory, from view on the tables, disappear when the open orders were synchronized.
  • The one that did not automatically synchronize the clients received in the bookings.
  • The one that sent the numerical fields (quantity, price, etc.) in text format instead of numeric values, in the integration with Mews.