If you want to delete your Revo XEF account, you must reach your reseller or submit a support ticket from this link in your back-office.

You may also locate this from within the Revo XEF app by selecting the Menu to the top left of the app screen, then select 'Support', then choose 'Create ticket'.


  1. Create a support ticket by providing the following details:
  • Subject: Request Account Deletion.
  • Name: Your account name.
  • Body: Write down the reason you want to delete your account.
  1. Once completed, we will verify your request and your identity with the information and documents provided so that we may match it to information that we maintain about you (or the person on whose behalf you are making the request).

  2. We will respond to you within 45 days from the date of your submission to the extent we are able to verify your request as described above. If we are unable to complete your request within the 45-day time frame, then we will contact you prior to the expiration of the 45-day term to explain the basis for needing additional time.

Nota: Please note that due to legal regulations in your country, account information cannot be deleted. In this case, the account will be deactivated in order not to be able to use the system. Access to the back-office will be guaranteed in order to back up your data.